I would thank you from the bottom of my heart, but for you my heart has no bottom.

Thank you for the drink I can hear colours again

I like your new suit

Harry is chatting to Tom. "I like your new suit," says Tom. "Thanks," says Harry, "it was a surprise present from my wife. I came home from work early last night and found it hanging over a chair in the bedroom."

I will find you and i will Thank you

Thank you I Try

I no longer needed treatment

I was overjoyed when a letter from my Psychiatrist told me I no longer needed treatment. "thanks!" I said. "No problem", it replied.

Thank you I love you

Thank you you Rock

"Thank you, sir

"Thank you, sir, you're call is important to us" "Well don't put me on f**king hold then!"

Thanks to my wife

I like to have a cigarette after a good meal. Thanks to my wife, I don't smoke

Thank you but no

Hey Girl Thank you

Thank you kind sir

Thank you very much

Thank you

Countinue 2 page

Funny Thank you cards for mother in law

Funny Thank you cards for mother in law

Thank you meme

Thank you meme

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